Kate Spade leverages INCITE to drive a customer-first experience

Kate Spade Case Study
Fashion retailer Kate Spade & Co. has seen massive growth over the course of its 22-year history, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. One of the issues the company faced as a result of that growth was finding ways to educate and train associates across an ever-increasing number of locations in a consistent, efficient manner. Thanks to a partnership with Multimedia Plus, Kate Spade was able to standardize its training programs with non-streaming video courses, tracking employee progress and empowering associates to deliver a consistent brand message. Download this free case study to see the results the company has been able to achieve with MMP’s INCITE platform.

Yes, You CAN Buy Time and Reduce Helpdesk Tickets With Instant-on, Non-streaming Video

Relieve IT Pain Points and Bandwidth Headaches While Creating a More Self-sufficient Workforce
The need for more store bandwidth seems to escalate daily, with several competing priorities to deliver a variety of platforms, many of which are mission critical. Among your challenges as a store technology leader are providing flawless POS, mobile internet and VOIP – and now rapid fire, video- and mobile-based associate training and communications for each location, regardless of available store bandwidth.

Empower Field Managers with Actionable Data For Next-level Sales Associate Training and Mentoring

How Field Leaders Can Improve Data Usage to Drive In-store Performance
Retail associate cutbacks and high turnover mean fewer on-floor associates available for shopping assistance and, unfortunately, sales personnel often less knowledgeable than the educated consumer seeking them out. Today’s lean store machine challenges field managers to train quickly and mentor deeply, because every associate makes a difference, every consumer interaction counts, and every drop and increase in sales impacts the bottom line.

Hey! Quit Changing The Game!

Digital Disruption Requires Retail Leaders to Engage Their Entire Teams About a Fundamental Transformation
Welcome to the game of retail leadership on a once-familiar playing field, with new rules and tools for success and new expectations from retail leadership. Afer many decades, great merchandising, marketing and retailing skills are no longer enough: They’re fiercely challenged by a digital disruption that also requires tremendous leadership skills, science-based strategies that are measured constantly, and the ability to engage everyone on the team about a fundamental transformation.

How to Create a Continuous, More Cost-Efficient and On-floor “Walmart Associate Training Academy”

What appears to work for Walmart may not succeed for others, especially considering the drawbacks of live classroom training
Walmart tenaciously adheres to Sam Walton’s insightful rules of retail management success – including his belief that investing in frontline employees results in satisfied, loyal and repeat customers. His principle helped turn a small-town dime store into the largest retailer in the world. Walmart’s continued focus on employees manifests itself in today’s remarkable network of 200 U.S. associate training centers from which 225,000 employees graduated by December 2017. But what appears to work for Walmart may not succeed for others, especially considering the drawbacks of live classroom training versus what advanced, mobile retail training and communications technology can deliver – continuously, granularly targeted and more cost-effectively – directly into the hands of the on-floor sales associate.

Bring Your Own Dilemma

Bring Your Own DilemmaIndividuals’ Own Devices Help Cut CostsBut Can Compromise Security, Productivity and Consistency
Most cost-cutting measures involve a trade-off : You may gain savings in the short-term but lose capabilities and impact for the long haul. Let’s consider Bring Your Own Device for use on the retail floor: Allowing thousands of associates to conduct business on their own devices considerably reduces operational costs, and in some cases may be an adequate solution. But for most retailers, BYOD can compromise security, productivity, consistency and other assets, and so create difficulties in the long term.

Saving the Store

Unleashing the Power of Human Capital
This “Saving the Store” series of white papers from The O Alliance, a leader in creating Seamless Circular Commerce, examines how physical store retailers can apply innovative technology solutions to leapfrog competitors in today’s world of digital retail. The focus on each paper in the series is on new capabilities which will increase store four-wall productivity and allow brick-and-motor retail stores to remain relevant.

Harness Change

Death of Omnichannel and Changing Store Model Mean Senior Execs Must Harness Change Initiatives
Are Your All-important, Customer-facing Associates Comfortable With Your New Technologies?
Here’s How to Find Out.

Throwing Darts With Your Technology Dollars?

Use Laser Precision to Improve Store Performance Starting With Your Associates
Darts can go anywhere but lasers only go where you aim them. So don’t throw darts with your technology dollars when laser-precision, in-store solutions can expertly target improved performance – starting with your customer-facing associates – your most valuable and expensive asset.

Consider these darts: Bells and whistles with limited ROI such as magic mirrors, beacons and oversized tablets which initially impress consumers but diminish the role of the associate. They’re the antithesis of a well-trained, digitally equipped associate who can educate, up-sell, cross-sell, personalize and advance the shopping experience for in-store consumers

You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But When You Apply Knowledge Checks, You Get What You Need

Do Your In-store Associates Have the Breadth of Knowledge To Converse Intimately About Your Brand – Or Are They Just Reading Mobile Prompts? Quiz Them. Score Them. INCITE Them. Pivot On Real-Time Feedback. Win.
In-store shopping will never die. The store experience must transform – foremost with highly knowledgeable, customer-facing store associates – but the physical store concept will live on.

How To Improve Your Most Profitable Channel: Your Stores

Arm Sales Associates With The Knowledge They Need To Stay Clicks Ahead Of Tech-Savvy, Experience-hungry Consumers
There’s No Replacement for Stellar In-store Experiences No omnichannel technology can replace the impact of stellar face-to-face customer experiences provided in stores, where the majority of consumers still do their buying.

VPs of Stores Take Note: Deloitte Says L&D Needs to Reinvent Itself

Deloitte Says L&D Needs to Reinvent Itself
Savvy retailers are focusing on the all-channel customer and brand experience – arming themselves with new chief marketing and experience officer leadership, and more – but their Learning & Development (L&D) functions, especially front-line training, is loosing impact on this changing business model.

In-Store Technology’s Inflection Point: Invest and Adapt, Or…

There’s a Rumbling of Sheer Urgency at the Physical Storefront
Isn’t this an interesting time in retail!? New forms of shopping and selling, more choices and competition, smarter consumers and innovative technologies are causing great concern especially for brick- and-mortar retailers. Traffic is down in the physical store. Without a good reason to go there, busy consumers are buying online or mobile. There’s a rumbling of sheer urgency at the physical storefront: Either invest in creating a reason for consumers to walk into your store, or risk irrelevance

The ROI of Tablet-based Store Training and Communications

Mobile App-based training leverages payroll dollars by keeping associates on the sales floor longer – a huge operational advantage.
In between customer time, new and established associates stay up-to-date on the latest product, branding, merchandising, workforce and corporate communications – all without leaving the selling floor.

Using Data to Drive In-store KPIs and Customer Engagement

Using Data to Drive In-store KPIs and Customer Engagement
As mobile, digitally-savvy consumers continue to browse and buy online, where efficiency rules, they still delight in the unique attribute of a physical store: Well-informed, digitally-enabled sales associates. Retailers who invest in equipping, training and empowering store associates – one of their greatest competitive asset– keep their on-floor teams a click ahead of consumers, and meet the online buying challenge head-on

10 Best Practices for Driving Enterprise Software Adoption

10 Best Practices for Driving Enterprise Software Adoption
The world’s gone mobile, and so have innovative learning, content and management performance systems. If you’re like most retail operations executives, the perceived – time and effort of moving enterprise software to the tablet and encouraging employees to adopt it, may be daunting. But new SaaS solutions make this transition surprisingly simple: Their easy-to-deploy, video based platforms and end-user focus speed implementation and help secure stakeholder adoption from in-store associates on up to corporate management.

In-Store Sales Associates: Improve KPIs With Real-Time Visibility Into Brand Training

App-Based Solutions Promote Increased Associate Engagement And Performance
Why do some retailers spend millions on creating digital training programs then neglect the crucial final step – determining which associates actually completed the sales and brand training, and how well? Similarly, they broadcast key directives about in-store tasks, price changes, promotions, etc., but don’t – or can’t easily – assess employee receipt and accountability.

In-Store Sales Associates

In-Store Sales Associates: The Transformation Into Essential Brand Ambassadors
The growth of cross-channel retail has transformed the role of the physical store and particularly its associates – from conventional salespeople to essential brand ambassadors.

Today’s consumers enter a store to enhance their own research, engage with products, test functions and fit, get personal one-on-one assistance, and – among other pursuits – acquire products instantly. How well today’s brand ambassadors inform, up-sell and cross-sell, even engage customers with brand websites and other digital tools – directly impacts ultimate brand success.

Next-Gen Associate Training

iPad-Based Videos Boost Employee Productivity And Engagement
The iPad is a terrific tool for mobile payments, mobile POS and much more – including infrastructure-free app-based, non-streaming video that moves your training into the future.

How To Improve The Customer Experience With App-Based, On-Floor Associate Training

How to improve the Customer experience with app-based, On-Floor associate training
At no other time in retail has delivering an excellent, omnichannel customer experience been more crucial to converting and retaining shoppers. In the brick-and-mortar channel, digitally-savvy consumers are entering stores already well-informed about a product’s features and prices, and expect store employees to know more than they do