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When awesome humans and great technology come together … everything is possible. In-store, it’s the human experience that counts. At MMP, we are develop to helping teams maximize their knowledge, tools, sales skills and relationships so they impact what matters---the customers.

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Releases of New Version Of Platform

Cars are not so simple anymore.

Your vehicles have a lot of unique features and benefits. Highlighting and discussing these benefits, in a way that matters to your brand, helps customers better understand the vehicle’s value. With vehicles being such a big purchase, they come with a deep decision-making process; it is your employee’s role to guide them through to a positive outcome. INCITE will provide your associates the know-how to personalize your customer’s experience and make the big decision easier.


From sales to finance, service consultant to technician, the different roles within a dealership all require a certain level of technical knowledge. But being successful goes beyond that. Help your associates understand best practices within their roles, and refine their skills to create individualized, genuine, loyalty-building experiences for customers.



Give your Managers measureable and actionable data to impact performance. With live results, a manager knows that his or her teams are providing an individualized, customer-service oriented experience—and showing each vehicle in its best light. With this strong foundation, securing sales becomes a natural next step.



By increasing the confidence, performance, sales, and success for each employee, more cars get sold. More customers become loyal and brand presence builds.

Communicating efficiently with your teams, and providing the stability, consistency and training they need, is both streamlined and effective.


Every dealership, and your brand as a whole, will be stronger when you have visibility to drive performance.



It’s more than safety.

Customers expect a certain kind of experience every time they visit your restaurant: a personalized greeting, attentiveness, cleanliness, outstanding food quality, and everything else that makes your restaurant unique. Even if an associate is new, your customers expect them to act as knowledgeable professionals. From servers to hosts, cooks to buspersons, dishwashers to bartenders, every role touches your guest in some way. INCITE gives every single employee the knowledge to provide your guest with the memorable, positive experience they are looking for.


If a new associate has never worked for a restaurant before, they have a lot to learn. Getting up-to-speed in a restaurant setting means learning lots of things that weren’t taught growing up. INCITE delivers this knowledge interactively, on the devices associates understand. By teaching them how they want to learn engagement equals consistency.


In the bustling restaurant environment, each moment is a significant part of the overall experience. Managers don’t necessarily have time to train every new associate on every element of their role. Little things can fall through the cracks. It’s hard for managers to remember who already knows what. Live data takes the confusion away. Visibility into participation and results allows managers to build on each employee’s knowledge and hone opportunities to exceed customer expectations.



Communicating efficiently with your teams, providing the stability, consistency and training your associates need, is the key to success. INCITE creates time for your already busy managers; it enables them to excel in their roles while developing others. With seamless and strategic communication, everybody is working to keep customers happy, and that positively impacts your entire brand.


Each restaurant, and your entire company, will be stronger.



Putting everyone on the same page, 24/7.

Your business is 24/7. With so many employees at each location, with varied shifts and schedules, it can become an insurmountable challenge to get everybody at one location on the same page, let alone every location around the globe. Your team will have the tools to create a consistently positive experience, at whichever location your guest may travel to.



From the front desk, to housekeeping, to the kitchen or the valet—your associates have tremendously different roles. Every role requires specific information, and INCITE delivers that information in bite-sized pieces, giving each associate a personalized learning experience that provides confidence, consistency and predictability.



We understand that managers don’t have the luxury of time. Employees need to be up and running as quickly as possible, performing their duties with consistent excellence. Data makes it easy for managers to ensure the entire staff is getting relevant and consistent training, while they focus on new opportunities to improve excellence.



Every day, your customers come to expect a certain level of quality. We help you make sure your employees, company-wide, have the tools to consistently deliver. Our platform works for every location, and the entire brand. It gives you the visibility to drive big-picture improvements and results.

Your entire brand will be stronger with INCITE.



You influence associates. They influence customers.

From the beautiful presentation of the store, to the knowledgeable sales associate giving information they can’t get online, to the fun, human, social aspect of shopping. At every level of your company, your impact will be apparent.



Your associates are the gateway to your brand. INCITE gives them the confidence to engage with clients and do beyond what’s expected. Associates can learn in between customers (IBC) on the sales floor, in bite-sized snippets that fit perfectly into their fast-paced role.



Real-time results mean managers can ensure their teams are continuously honing skills to enhance the customer’s experience. When managers have visibility into participation, they can influence success through smarter conversations. Managers mentor instead of monitor.



Talent development and communication are streamlined, with precision, ease and consistency, which save time and money. This next generation app delivers information for you. Focus on the global strategy, and spend less time on deployment. You see opportunities in every aspect of the business and impact the outcome.

Your entire retail organization will be stronger.



Releases of New Version Of Platform

INCITE 5.0 powered by QuizScore Launched


NEW YORK–()–Multimedia Plus, a retail technology leader empowering in-store associates to engage with shoppers for optimal brand experiences, announces augmented capabilities with the newest release of INCITE 5.0. New features include a streamlined dashboard with slide out navigation menu and in-app search functionality, enhanced tools for global communication, and broad enhancements to INCITE, the dynamic platform for interactive training.


New launch! INCITE 5.0 powered by QuizScore empowers retail associates to impact the in-store experience with robust features & augmented capabilities

INCITE is a mobile first app that enables data rich metrics from bite-sized video-based communications and training programs. Managers and executives can then measure the data against KPIs from the most local and individual levels to a global scale, and make informed decisions that will drive growth.

“The functionality and enhancements of INCITE continue to advance at a rapid pace, as retailers are demanding frequent multimedia-rich communications that provide measurable results,” says David Harouche, CEO & CTO, Multimedia Plus. “As the need for online engagement merges with the in-store experience, we have responded with tools that streamline key information to keep the frontline appraised of time-sensitive initiatives, and bring the global workforce closer to each other.”

New INCITE 5.0 Features Include:


Enhanced dashboard that streamlines screen views by:

  • maximizing screen real estate with slide on/off menus
  • dual dashboard views match communication by Communications or Learning
  • hot-link directly to key messaging by one-click
  • content memory allows you to immediately pick up where you left off


Global broadcasting that allows the distribution of messages to
EVERYONE in the field with the ability to:

  • notify all stores about upcoming promotions
  • announce employee contests
  • update all employees on new companywide policy changes
  • keep associates aware of exciting social media events


Search features to easily locate and use information by:

  • global, course or program based search with instant results


All the INCITE associates and executives need in one branded location
The platform is the leader in combining all features and results in one location, without the need of a web browser or streaming bandwidth. The result is a streamlined user experience and benefits that include:

  • Fully branded experience that customizes all elements in every module
  • Dashboard interface that brings to the forefront the most important and urgent information that associates need to know
  • Badge reward system that embodies client brands and motivates associates
  • Ability to add new content in minutes and provide access to a highly focused group of users based on title, region, completion, and more
  • Drag and drop interface creating the first private broadcast network
  • Powerful tools for self-publishing video, .pdf, .jpg, slideshows, etc.
  • Single sign-on for direct access to associate data
  • Social media link out so associates are aware of posts and updates


A technology platform built for the way associates learn
Key features for this patented mobile communications platform include:

  • Video Without Streaming eliminates video hiccups for media-rich content that is optimized for a low bandwidth environment
  • Branded Experience to resonate with associates and reinforce company culture while driving business goals
  • Untethered Mobility allows access to information in between customers on the sales floor, saving payroll dollars
  • Real-time Results that are accessible by field leaders to provide live metrics and accountability

“Multimedia Plus was recently awarded a patent for mitigating high-bandwidth content issues that have been a major obstacle in effectively training and communicating to the front line. INCITE is the leading platform to inform and foster better communications with sales associates, and arm them with the offensive skill-building techniques required to service today’s well-informed consumer,” says Harouche.


Multimedia Plus is transforming the way brands communicate globally. MMP’s patented technology platform, INCITE powered by QuizScore, ensures performance and execution of company strategies – where it counts – with customers. The company’s programs are being used by brands globally and are translated into more than 22 languages.


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